Sales is something the team is not great with. Technically we are sound. We have good processes in place to train freshers, imbibe the seniors and have a healthy delivery system.

Two months back when we started pitching out to every company out there with Web Data Integration and Process Automation Solutions, Finnovation is the first client to get on-boarded.

Though the team has great experience working with multiple clients in their respective previous organisations yet finding a client for a startup is always a challenge.

We are pleased to offer our services to Finnovation/ Krazybee.

Thanks to the founders and Senior Teams at Krazybee to believe us and have trust in our capabilities.

KrazyBee, Finnovation Tech Services Private Limited

The complete list of clients and customers using our Web Scraping, Process Automation and Web Data Extraction can be found here – Clients & Customers

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