[ Alphabetically ]

AFIN, CDMX, Mexico

Corvid Consulting, London, UK

EvolveBPM, Wyoming, USA

Finnovation Tech Solutions, Bengaluru, India

GenY Labs Hyderabad, India

Green Cube Analytics, Inc. Toronto, Canada

KrazyBee, Bengaluru, India

Menerva Software, Kochi, India & IL, USA

needl.ai LLP, Pune, India

PIPL Analytics, Chennai, India

Rupeek, Bengaluru, India

Saturam, Bengaluru, India

Stylster, Mumbai, India

2021 gonna be BIG and BRIGHTER for all of us. For similar services and great customer support write to us with your requirements on raja@emmela.com. We’ll reach-out to you in less than 4Hrs and that is our promise!

Domains/ Industries, we are working in/with:

  • eCommerce: Data, Pricing Index and Competitor Analysis
  • NEWS & Social Media: Metadata, Influencer Analysis, Brand Risk Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Stock Analysis, and Profanity Check
  • Real Estate: Data and Analytics
  • FinTech: Data and Process Automation
  • AI & ML: Data