Data-On-Demand Applications

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Entertainment Metadata 

Data support for EPG Guide in your TV Remotes

OTT Data

 For aggregation or search to watch your loved Tv Show or Movie.

Brand & Risk Management

Read Social Media Data to understand the sentiment in the customer voice.

Competition Analysis & Go To Market Plans

Compare and analyse the pricing and offerings in E-commerce, Travel and Hotel bookings.

Personal Identity and Credibility

Social Media Profiles of Individuals being mapped and analysed by Loan and Credit companies.

Common Interface

Extracting refreshed online data periodically, normalising and pooling under one platform. Process Automation.

Reading Emails and auto reply based on the content and categorising.

Financial Data

Social Sentiment on the stock market fluctuations, individual stock analysis and for HNI recommendations.

Retail Market analysis and support for Research includes Consumer market, Product Launch, Clinical Trials and Social Media Analytics.

Extracting PDF/ Image data: Invoice or Data validation.

Bloggers and Online Campaigners credibility

Filter through the Individual social media account history to aggregate the Social Media Capital/ reputation accumulated.

Reviews & Ratings

Aggregated reports for Brands and Services across the Internet

Multiple API extracted data integrations

Political or Election Poll Pulse

Scan through online political news publishers

Online Journalism: News Aggregation service

Data Aggregation Services for Classifieds, Marketing, Event Managers and advertising agencies

Data for Analytics, building/ training ML & AI Models

User Recommendations based on browser and online history.

DATA-ON-DEMAND and more...